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Why Tumblr should Fall In Love with Frida Kahlo. 


She ALSO did all this while living in near constant pain from an accident when she was a teenager. She would paint in bed, had countless surgeries, and still became one of the best and most celebrated artists in the world.

If she could do all that with a broken spine and so many more issues, I can do it with my own disabilities.

And that’s why she’s my hero. Because I can always find strength in her resilience.

When you have a chronic illness, you often wake up everyday feeling like you have a horrible flu and the worst hangover of your life all rolled into one dreadfully uncomfortable package. As easy as it would be to stay in bed and not talk to anyone or do anything, you know these symptoms aren’t going to just disappear tomorrow or even next week. This means you try to push yourself as much as you can to do normal things. Some days you might not be able to push much more than making yourself dinner. Other days you might venture out to the store or to see a friend. Your friend might tell you how great you look. “You must be feeling better! You’re out and about!” You’re conversing and laughing and you look like you’re feeling fine! Unfortunately a lot of the time, it’s all an act. When you’re chronically sick you learn pretty quickly that wallowing and complaining about symptoms and refusing company leads to a very lonely and isolated life. People quickly get tired of hearing you complain about how horrible you’re feeling, and you quickly get tired of being stuck in bed with no company. So when you can, you get up, you go out, and you put on a show. You smile and you laugh and you act like you aren’t feeling any pain or discomfort at all. It is difficult heartbreaking to have to live your life “pretending”. It’s also extremely exhausting. Also sometimes in the middle of this act symptoms get worse and you find it harder to appear normal. thelymediary

Best explanation of what it takes to be a spoonie ever!

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So, so true! Which makes whatever things we CAN do really important! I just had a conversation about how I couldn’t do housework but could go to a study group that night….and I tried explaining that I had to save up my spoons to do that ONE fun thing of the week, and that also meant I did what would make me happy. It sucks that I have to make those decisions. 

Also, showers are exhausting. Has anyone else noticed this? Thank God for good shampoo and top buns. 

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